In order to quickly get rid of debts first thing to do is to identify the value of the debtor’s financial obligation to creditors and establish a payment plan (or shedule).

What do you do if you have been contacted by an INCASO representative?

• Ask information on how much you owe and to whom and to pay the debts immediately after being notified;
• Identify together with INCASO specialists the best way to pay your debts;
• Establish realistic goals for a money reimbursement;
• If it is appropriate, coordinate with our specialist the opportunity of signing an agreement for debt payment in installments (signing a payment schedule, attracting a guarantor, pledging or mortgaging the payment obligation etc.)
• Seek help from INCASO professionals to find the best solution for your debt payment.

To pay your debts you can use one of the following forms of payment:

At the headquarters of one of the following banks:
• Commercial Bank "Victoriabank" S.A.
• Commercial Bank "MOLDOVA - AGROINDBANK" SA
• Commercial Bank "Mobiasbanca - Groupe Societe Generale" SA

At any branch of the State Enterprise "Posta Moldovei"

The payment terminals installed throughout the country:


Also, debtors can pay their debts online:
• Moldcell customers can use online account -
• UNITE customers can use online account -

Debtor can pay using VisaCard and MasterCard! 

for International transfers into our account:
IBAN MD82VI 00 00 00 002224026296 
Beneficiary`s bank: Victoriabank, Chisinau, MD

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