Delayed recovery of claims - a mistake that could lead to bankruptcy of your company

The development of most small and medium enterprises in Moldova depends, to a large extent, on the rational management of resources and capacity to ensure an efficient cash flow.

There are enough examples of profitable companies that had serious problems due to mismanagement of cash flow. Delaying claims recovery is a common cause for many business failures, because the lack of cash leads to a chain of problems.

Selling claims is the safest and fastest solution to recover debts by a company. This option is ideal for small and medium enterprises, for which money ""freezing"" is a significant impediment to business development and / or efficiency increase. Even companies operating in microfinance, mobile telephony, gas, electricity fields etc. widely proceed to claim selling in order to recover money.

The sale of claims is made through a contract between the creditor and INCASO. Typically, our specialists perform a FREE case estimation. Depending on the type and risk level factors INCASO either comes with an offer to purchase claims or offers its services for debt recovery. The portfolios which exceed 100 claims and INCASO customers have priority.