INCASO - the simplest and fastest solution to get rid of debts

You have debts and do not know how to recover them?

You risk your business because of unrecovered claims and absence of cash?

INCASO can help you solve the debt problem efficiently and professionally!

Learn how you can recover your claims through INCASO services which will save your company’s time and resources.

Claim management is one of the most difficult activities which take a lot of time and efforts for INCASO sales and bookkeeping departments. Usually, debt collection involves additional expenses that most often are not justified and recovered.

Using the INCASO services, you receive quick solutions for debt recovery. No advance payments or hidden fees!


• INCASO Moldova is the national leader in collection and recovery of debts;

• INCASO experience is based on the European practice;
• Being a private company, with European capital, INCASO focuses on offering a wide range of services of the highest quality;
• Our team offers services throughout the country;
• INCASO offers FREE professional consultancy on your claims recovery;
• INCASO services are customer oriented, ensuring complete solutions depending on the complexity of the case (collection services, claims management and procurement, representation in court of justice and assistance in execution of the court decisions);
• INCASO accents on communication and transparency in relationship with its customers;
• You will pay only for INCASO services only by results.

What advantages you will have using the INCASO services:

• You will save money and your company’s resources;
• You will ensure cash flows by reimbursing dynamic financial liquidity;
• You will be able to invest the saved resources in your business development;
• You will be able to increase your employee’s efficiency avoiding unnecessary exposure to stress and discomfort caused by lack of experience in the relationship with debtors;
• You will ensure a positive and professional image of your company.

We are taking care of debts in order You to use your saved resources for developing your business and avoid unnecessary problems which can bring you unpleasant consequences.
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