Mediation is a flexible process, confidential, in which the mediator helps actively the parties to achieve an agreement on a dispute.

INCASO act primarily as Mediator to help the parties in reaching reconciliation.

INCASO deals not only with collection services, but also offers financial solutions to debtors, primarily giving them the possibility to conclude agreements on payment in installments, which stops the calculation of penalties and allows the debtors to pay their debts in advantageous and individualized conditions.

Continuously increasing the number of certified mediators, INCASO aims at developing a favorable solution set for all categories involved in the recovery process of debts for both debtor and creditor.
INCASO remains the leader in mass market debt management of Moldova. INCASO develops debt collection activities in the telecommunication, microfinance, utilities, banking sectors, etc.

In conformity with the Law on Mediation of the Republic of Moldova, INCASO employees were certified by the Mediation Council in becoming full-fledged mediators.

To be eligible for mediation services INCASO, please call 022 85 37 85.