INCASO offers individual solutions in special cases

INCASO has accumulated high experience in interaction with both creditors and debtors. We have learned from our experience that every customer should be treated with the same respect, whether it is a creditor or debtor. Thus, INCASO supports the debtors who are unable to pay their debts immediately by offering the possibility to solve this through installments schedule.

Payment in Installments Agreements are stopping the accumulation of penalties for the overdue debts and allow the debtors to execute theirs pecuniary obligations in advantageous and individual conditions. 
Debt rescheduling actually means dividing the sum into smaller parts, which will be paid in a longer period of time.

To access a debt payment schedule please complete the fields below in order to process your application. Within 72 hours you will be contacted by one of the INCASO specialists to agree the terms and conditions of the debt payment schedule.