How to control the debt level?


1. Be careful by shopping!

Consider carefully whether the products you want to buy are worth the investment.
A pair of expensive shoes could be attractive for you, but in a month you can find them on sale at a lower price.

2. Consume only as much as you need!

Save water, electricity and gas. Switch off the lights when you leave the room, close the water if it’s simply leaking. Ensure the plumbing systems efficiency. A drop of water is not necessarily something impressive, but when you think about how many drops are wasted per week, month ...

3. Do not go shopping on an empty stomach!
This is not a joke! Some research indicates that going shopping after a meal might surely reduces temptations for buying unnecessary products.

4. “Home plans do not match those in market!” (Moldovan saying)
If you go shopping you do not take more money than the value of your planned purchase. This absolves you from sale temptations and apparently low prices on other products.

5. Pay your bills on time!

Pay your bills and loans rates on time in order not to get penalties.

6. WHEN you borrow money!

If you decide to get a loan then choose carefully the product to be purchased if it deserves such funding.
Do not borrow for things that lose value quickly, because these products might be worthless by the end of your payment.

7. Do not be seduced by false promotions.

Very often, these promotions encourage you to buy things you do not need or make you buy products not affordable for you. However, if you choose carefully promotions, you can save considerable sums.

8. Buy clothes and shoes off season.

So you can count on price reductions and will spend even twice less money.