INCASO - years of experience in debt collection and recovery area.

INCASO is a EU company specializing in debt collection and recovery, which operates on the principle of "NO MONEY - NO FEE". Our customers are paying only for the services which brought results in collecting or recovering a certain debt and no advanced payments or hidden fees are accepted.

With years of experience in the Republic of Moldova (from 2009), INCASO is your trusted partner in collecting debts not ensured by pledge or mortgage.

INCASO provides claim recovery services in telecommunications and in the field of microfinance and debt collection services to utilities (telephone, gas, electricity, etc.), but also debt recovery services for financial institutions. Besides debt collection, INCASO offers also financial solutions to debtors. The Installment Payment Agreements stops the accumulation of penalties for late payment and allow the payment of debts on favorable individual conditions.

INCASO successes and experience have shown that we are a team of professionals focused on maximum efficiency, and our portfolio of clients is an additional evidence of the given to us.

Our clients are leading companies from various fields, as follows:
- Banks;
- Non-bank financial institutions (microfinance companies);
- Telecommunications companies;
- Utilities;

In 2011 and 2012, INCASO was awarded with "Brand of the Year" and in 2013 the company received the title of "Favorite of the Year", followed by the award of "Socially Responsible Brand" in 2014 which has appointed INCASO as one of the most recognized social responsible company. 

At the beginning of 2015, 2016 INCASO has been designated as a Highly Trusted Tax Payer and received a special certificate granted by the State Main Tax Inspectorate for promoting good fiscal civic values and compliance to tax obligations, etc.

The results obtained so far motivates us to further develop and to involve all our efforts to strengthen the company. And because we intend to be leaders in this domain to improve the payment and economic activity culture, INCASO will continue to focus on highly qualified and motivated employees as well as on active use of high information and communication technologies in its activity.

A very important principle for us is the communication transparency with debtors and interested public. Therefore, the INCASO you will always have well-trained specialists to provide you quality information and advice that you need. The company invests in continuous training of employees, in order offer quality services, simple and fast debt collection/recovery for its customers.

In the process of debt collection/recovery our specialists are guided by Moldovan legislation and the best international practices in this field. Usually, we try mostly to arrange quick solutions on debt recovery with the debtor.

Payment for the INCASO services is made only after claim settlement and equals with the interest percentage of INCASO calculated in relation to the real recovered sums transferred to the customer. Some of the costs are supported by the debtor.