If you have a debt we have, at least, one solution for you:

INCASO recovers not only debts, but has an individual approach to each debt, thus helping debtors by providing financial solutions, primarily through scheduled payment agreements, which holds the calculation of penalties and allowing debtors to pay their debts in advantageous conditions; INCASO seeks the causes of the debt creation and informs its clients on them in order for this data to be used for their internal processes improvement.

Solutions for debtors are proposed taking into account their financial situation.

1. Do not panic!

It is better to be contacted by INCASO and not by Court of Justice or Judicial Executor. At this moment your debt is managed by INCASO and is a good time to find a way to pay the debt as fast as possible or conclude a debt rescheduled agreement (payment in installments).

2. Pay the debt quickly or arrange repayment in installments

Paying the debt immediately upon INCASO notice is the most reasonable solution in terms of saving money and even psychologically. However, we realize that sometimes it is too difficult for debtors. Therefore we even offer extra-judicial solutions for debt clearing, such as:

a. Informing the debtor on debt and the consequences of overdue payment ;

b. Legal Consultation of the debtor;

c. Signing a rescheduling agreement (signing a payment schedule, attracting guarantor, pledging or mortgaging the payment obligation, etc).

3. Contact INCASO office

What do you do if you receive a letter from INCASO?

Read carefully the notification. If there are errors (wrong address, addressee etc.) return a call to 022 85 37 85 and inform the collectors;

If it is a remainder of your debt - CALL urgently the telephone number mentioned in the letter you received from us and you will be quickly and easily served by one of our employees, who can always help you by explaining the issue of the creditor complain, the legal basis, the possibilities to arrange a repayment in installments or to discuss on ways to solve the problem amicably. In order to ensure the confidentiality we pay particular attention to the protection of personal data and, therefore, we discuss details of the case only with persons named in the INCASO notification letter. At the beginning of each conversation we verify debtor’s personal data to ensure that we have the right to contact the person. Please discuss with collectors and try to establish a payment schedule convenient for you in order to not repeat the delay.

4. Do not hide!

Cooperation with INCASO is in your best interest. Only a dialogue will make possible for us to successfully solve the problem. By avoiding the contact with us deprives you of the possibility to find a suitable solution for you.

The debt management is our core business. Our employees are experts in this field. As a debt collection company we have both legal knowledge and necessary capacity to take care of many activities aimed to recover our clients sum of debts. For INCASO, collecting a debt is only a matter of time. Up to a specific point, the term and repayment conditions are negotiable. If the debtor does not accept the opportunity offered by us, then his case will be a subject to judicial proceedings involving high additional costs (please see the consequences of non-payment).

Avoid the ostrich strategy. If you are late in payment please contact your creditor or relative INCASO collector, communicate and ask for credit rescheduling or reorganization.
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