INCASO - the simplest and fastest solution to cancel your debts.

  • You have claims and you do not know how to recover them?
  • Your business is at risk because of some claims and you need cash?
  • INCASO can help you solve the debt problem efficiently and professionally!
  • Claim management is one of the most difficult activities that take a lot of time and effort for the sale and accounting department of the companies. Usually, debt recovery process involves additional expenses that most often are not justified and recovered.

    Payment for the INCASO services is accepted only in case of real debt recovery and is calculated in conformity with agreed percentage from the general sum of debt or the transferred sum to the client. Some of the INCASO costs are covered by the debtor.

    Using the INCASO services you receive quick solutions and debt recovery. No advance payments or hidden fees!
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1. Company Name

2. Main activity

3. Type of debtors

4. How many debts / liabilities intend to submit at signing the contract?

5. The age of the debt which are to be sent to collection

6. Specify the services you need. Debt collection phase